The way to host a digital event: SSM-Live

Enjoy the best of both worlds, a live atmosphere and maximum reach, with selected guests on location and a digital live stream. So why choose between physically attended and digital event? SSM-Live ensures a lively interaction with your entire audience.

Effective consultation services

Two worlds – one partner. We will advise you on the optimum event technology for the respective premises or venue and on the ideal way to engage with your digital audience with feedback tools and live transmissions.

Choose venue

We will either stage your event at a venue chosen by you, or you can conveniently book our regular venue at the INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich.


Book live stream

We offer HD and UHD quality for up to 20,000 participants. Including flat rate, video player and backbone for stable streaming at no extra charge – to your website, via Facebook or on YouTube.


Celebrate your return to the live format

We will make your hybrid event individual and impressive, make access easy for your digital audience and make the interaction more exciting with mature feedback tools. Get comprehensive advice from an experienced event technology professional.


Enter a virtual stage in front of a green screen that turns your event into a multimedia experience.


Connect participants in a wide range of locations, including the transmission of clips and show effects.

The future starts now

Hybrid events will also continue to play an important role in future when it comes to business liaison and engaging target groups, as the business world has long since started to view business travel in a different light. The fact that good communication and interaction are also possible without physical presence is also associated with new benefits for organisers: they can reach considerably more participants, ensure that their contents can also be experienced on demand after the event and increase their image as a sustainable company through less business travel.

About SSM

SSM has already been a reliable partner for events in the Munich Metropolitan Region for over twenty years. Our core expertise includes the planning and realisation of entire lighting, sound, video and stage technology concepts.

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