Meetings and conferences at the INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich

The INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich is southern Germany’s largest conference centre.

With its 43 conference rooms for up to 2,700 guests, it stands out thanks to its sophisticated architecture and the intelligently arranged conference rooms, which allow every guest a feeling of security and concentration. The comfortable features of the hotel with a spa area and modern suites leave nothing left to be desired. Various restaurants and an excellent kitchen provide refreshments.


All of the conference rooms can be equipped with the latest conference technology. Internet access is available almost throughout the building.


We offer a discreet service when looking after your event. While working in the background, we ensure the seamless setup, modification or dismantling of your event. We support you with public address systems, lighting technology, projections, stage technology and streaming technology. We broadcast your conference or your presentation into all of the rooms or even over the Internet to your guests outside the hotel.


In keeping with aesthetically restrained furnishings in the rooms, we exclusively use unobtrusive material.

Our public address system, projectors and spotlights are always at the cutting edge of technology and are optically impeccable. They do their job without being noticed.

We place the greatest value on the safety of our guests and employees. This is why our equipment is always inspected and ready for use. Our employees undergo constant training and further training on the materials.



We use creative tools to add the final polish to your conferences to make them the perfect event.

Stable technology

We support you with high-quality event technology and excellent technical support during your event.

For complete concentration on what matters most: Your event

Secure access

We offer solutions for up to 10,000 participants, including a flat rate so you can rest assured there will be no expenses or interruptions. All of the digital solutions used naturally fulfil the strict data protection rules of GDPR. Find out more about SSM-Live.

Strong quality

We provide a high-quality setting for your event. Our dynamic team will help you to make your vision a reality.

With over 20 years of expertise in light, audio, picture and stage, we make sure you receive an applause.

Be inspired

Targeted consulting

The technical possibilities are diverse – we tailor them to your requirements.  From transforming your event programme to incorporating interactive tools, you can count on our creativity and technical sophistication. All of the systems, software and tools we use have been inspected by an external data protection officer for conformity with GDPR.

Light off – spot on!

We design a set for you with professional camera, lighting and audio technology. From our video control room, we can play films or presentations with pinpoint accuracy and in the highest quality. We use light and sound to present your appearance on a walk-on stage, allowing your audience to experience branding, presentations, podium discussions and entertainment interludes at a completely new level.

High-quality live stream

We offer HD quality for up to 10,000 participants. Cost-effective and stable thanks to the integrated flat rate, high-performance video player and backbone.

Stable streaming on your website, Facebook or YouTube is also possible. We will also be happy to record your event and make the data available to you for your archive.

Trade fairs

For production presentations and partner or sponsor introductions, we have a large area available that can be designed according to your needs in order to show all of the providers to best advantage.

Evening events

A gala is the perfect way to round off a tiring day at a conference. Celebrating with up to 2,700 people under the large glass dome is a very special experience. Once you add artists or bands, there is no end to the excitement.

Remain focused on your topic and the people you are talking to; we’ll take care of the technology and the timing.

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More about SSM at INFINITY

SSM Veranstaltungstechnik is the preferred partner of the INFINITY Conference Center Munich. We look after customers in all areas of event and conference technology.

The spatial proximity to our headquarters allows us to react quickly in terms of logistics.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire SSM team for the great preparation and the completely successful running of our capital market day. As you know, my motto is: “work with professionals once in your life” ;-)

When we work with SSM, I feel as though the slogan is instead: “always work with professionals”.

We set the bar very high with this event right from the outset, but the feedback that we have received from our analysts and investors, as well as from our board members, shows that the effort was a good investment.

Please pass our thanks on to the whole team. We are already looking forward to the next event!


Joachim Schranzhofer, Vice President

Head of Communications and Marketing



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