Digital events with SSM-Live

Elegantly accommodate the desire for a communal experience with a new form of community-building. With many years of expertise, we digitalise your existing event concept at a technically impressive level and convey the experience from your premises to your audience via live stream. With the SSM live stream, you will be playing in the same league as TV productions. We design an event website individually for you according to your CI, thus enabling casual networking and polling alongside the video player.

We allow you to shine!

We design a virtual studio for you with professional camera, lighting and audio technology. From our state-of-the-art video control room, we can play films or presentations with pinpoint accuracy and in impressive HD quality.


We develop an event website individually for you according to your CI, which enables your participants to network during virtual coffee breaks, take part in polls or send questions to the speakers alongside the video player.


It goes without saying that we are also able to add simultaneous translations to video broadcasts. The audience can then simply set their national language in the player.


It is also possible to set up various workshops that the participants can attend – however you like.

We create virtual stands for your sponsors so that they can present themselves. At the same time, the participants have the option of interacting with the exhibitors.


Connecting external experts, who can support the host or answer questions, is a matter of course.


Discussion rounds are also incorporated via our video control room – no matter where in the world the participants are located.


We have also taken into account social interaction between audience members and the host: a chat function or applause buttons are available to every audience member.



We will be happy to organise the participant registration for you so that your content remains within your group of participants. Just get in touch with us.

The SSM live streams offer you security and flexibility

It is possible to conduct evaluations and monitoring regarding participation and reach. To the nearest five minutes.


We will be happy to record your stream on request and make the data available to you to download for your archive.


All of the systems, software and tools we use naturally comply with GDPR.


Do you have an in-house conference room and want to use it as a studio? – No problem, we’ll bring the setup and video control room to you. We can also equip your experts or speakers with professional technology.

Targeted consulting

The digital possibilities are diverse – we tailor them to your requirements.  From transforming your event programme to incorporating interactive tools, you can count on our creativity and technical sophistication. All of the systems, software and tools we use have been inspected by an external data protection officer for conformity with GDPR.

Virtual stage

We design a virtual studio for you with professional camera, lighting and audio technology. From our video control room, we can play films or presentations with pinpoint accuracy and in HD quality. We use green screen and rendering to present your appearance on a virtual walk-on stage, allowing your audience to experience branding, presentations, podium discussions and entertainment interludes at a completely new level.

High-quality live stream

We offer HD quality for up to 10,000 participants. Cost-effective and stable thanks to the integrated flat rate, high-performance video player and backbone. Stable streaming on your website, Facebook or YouTube is also possible. We will also be happy to record your steam and make the data available to you for your archive.

Be inspired

Celebrate your return to a live format

Welcome to the virtual conference room for workshops, meetings or interactive shows. We draft your individual solution, make access for your audience as technically simple as possible and bring interaction to life with sophisticated feedback tools. Sounds perfect for you? Then let us advise you in detail. 

See for yourself

We have set up a demo event especially for you to show how your digital event might look.

Give us a call and we’ll meet in a virtual room full of possibilities.

More event formats for you

Hybrid events

Welcome your audience live at the venue as well as your guests on the Internet.

Virtual conference

Connect participants in various locations including recordings and show effects.

The future begins now

Digital events will also play an important role in the future when it comes to maintaining business contacts and impressing target groups. After all, the business world has long been aware that good communication and interaction are also possible without a physical presence. Digital events also offer new advantages for organisers:


you can reach significantly more participants, make your content available on demand, even later on, and boost your image as a sustainable company by avoiding travel.

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