Light has a magic that is all its own. It transforms static objects into mobile attention seekers, turns cold halls into inviting party locations and is even able to create a concrete stage on which to present abstract services.

So whenever you need to bring out the radiance of a facade, colour a room with a particular atmosphere or illuminate a show stage with systematic effects, our modern lighting equipment can create the optical highlight you are looking for.

Sexy lighting contours

The breadth of our service extends from conventional lighting, digital dimmers and light desks, and the latest LED technology, to intelligently positionable spotlight systems and the planning and design of the required power distributors. Our repertoire also includes a few magical effects.

LED Equipment

LED spotlights benefit from minimal heat build-up and they consume less electricity and have a considerably longer service life than conventional lamps. They therefore make a valuable contribution to climate and environmental protection.

With your success in mind, SSM continually monitors technical developments in the field of LED technology. Quality shoot-outs are part of our everyday working life. We use only the highest quality equipment that suits your purpose. In many cases, SSM is among the first company of its kind to include newly marketable products in its rental portfolio.


  • Astera AX 5 (Akku)
  • Cameo Zenit B200 (Akku)
  • Cameo Zenit P130
  • Cameo Zenit W600
  • Expolite TourLED 42
  • Litecraft PowerBar 4
  • Litecraft PowerBarX.15
  • Litecraft SunX.10
  • Ignition LED PAR 56
  • Robe 300 LEDWash
  • Robe Spiider
  • SGM P5
  • etc.

Shining quality

Data list for lighting equipment

To ensure that only the best equipment is used for your event, we employ quality products from the following companies:
(extract in alphabetical order)

  • Arri
  • Astera
  • Cameo
  • ETC
  • Expolite
  • Litecraft
  • LLT
  • Look Solutions
  • MA Lighting
  • Robe
  • Robert Juliat
  • SGM
  • Swisson
  • Transtechnik
  • etc.

Forward-looking consultation

Your ideas are our ideals. We will be happy to explain how the latter can be achieved.

Captivating sound

We use proven audio equipment, with a quality of sound that even those sitting at the back will have no trouble hearing.


Impressive visuals

We give your visions the staging they deserve. From live images to presentations, with a cinematic effect that is sure to reach all of your audience.

Advanced staging

Showtime with plenty of uplifting moments and an appropriate standard of materials and craft.



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